Embrace the new way of working in the office

Social distancing is the new reality. We support organisations in managing their office attendance in an easy and efficient way. Easy to use, understandable and trustworthy.

What is IntoTheOffice?

Covid-19 has an upturn as well?? Well, it showed that working from home has a positive effect on staff members and that productivity is not affected negatively. IntoTheOffice is for employers who have embraced this new way of working and want to facilitate their employees to continue doing this in the simplest way ever. It creates insight for employees as well as for employers to see who will be in the office and gather information about office occupancy. This might even lead to the insight that you can move to a smaller and therefore cheaper location.

IntoTheOffice eliminates time consuming Excel sheets or those everlasting Whatsapp conversations and provides real time information on your phone. No difficult implementation or expensive investments are needed.

The benefits

Easy & up to date

No time consuming excel sheets and real time attendance information

Employee attendance browser

Decide when, with whom and where you want to work

Exchange function

Send an exchange request in case of 100% occupancy

Manage different locations

Easy implementation and adjustments per location

Staff engagement

Set parameter for minimum and maximum attendance for employees

Transparent data collection

Create insights in occupancy, staff attendance and many more


Complies to latest privacy legislation​

Safe and scalable

Easy adjustments in case of social distancing


  • Book a full day or choose a timeslot in the office
  • Select from different locations, buildings, department or rooms
  • Create your recurring appointments and connect them with your company agenda
  • Approved? Pending? Rejected? Track the status of all your Requests and Approvals
  • Employees can see their schedules and who’s working in the office
  • Employees empowered to manage day swaps
  • management dashboards
  • insights into the occupation and the peak moments 
  • teams and employees can be easily added
  • possibility to set up the attendance ratio per employer

Get insights in your:

  • drop-in/drop-out time
  • location
  • days of absence and
  • holidays



€0,00 month/user

get started for free

  • first month completely for free
  • no contracts, cancel anytime


€1,39 month/user

pay only per active user

  • Full access to all features
  • Easy to setup
  • Cancel anytime
  • Supports the first back to the office activities
  • Secure as it fits perfectly in the Microsoft and Google environment


Your privacy is important to us. IntoTheOffice works in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, laid down in the GDPR (also known as General Data Protection Regulation). Our Privacy Statement



For employers

Create insights in office and meeting rooms occupancy
Control office capacity, how often you want staff members to be present
Support your workspace reduction decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions

After installing the App, all employees will be able to log in using their regular work account (Google, Microsoft). 

Yes, when a booking is made this will be visible in the calendar of the employee.

No, we support companies of all sizes, small and big.

No, IntoTheOffice is directly ready to use and works completely independently. No complex configurations or installation of sensors. 

Yes, your company’s logo can be added to the App.

Currently only English is supported, more languages are coming. 

The App can be integrated with your company internal systems. The exact list of available resources needs to be discussed.

In case you have more wishes and need more requirements or features, possibilities can be discussed. 

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